Life: I’m still here

There are a few blog posts kicking around in my head but things are tough right now. I took off my arm-sling from rotator cuff surgery to throw this up. I have about 10 minutes from now (7AM) until I have to be at the physical therapist for my first rehab session. I could be in PT as long as 6 months. I’m home for 6 weeks, no ability to drive or do much of anything so I spend my days trying to work and pushing through that pain. This will be its own blog post.

I also have been wanting to write about my discovery at age 36 that I have dyslexia. It was a difficult learning and trying to keep emotion out of it and figure out what to do with this information after 36 years of being poor at school, reading, writing, math and learning. It’s a very hard realization to think everyone in your life failed you to this moment and what could have been should I have received tutoring or help as a kid.

There’s a post flying around about photography and sort of recounting where I am with this after 22 years as a shooter.

I also wanted to share with you my thoughts with 6 months behind me in Charlotte and how that’s going.

I also had sort of a general health update it’s related to my shoulder and dyslexia but about my ankle bone spur that has been hurting for 20 years or my allergies, hearing test, test for (negative) skin cancer and other stuff. I’ve been on a doctor kick lately and it was kicked off by the pregnancy thing but it’s just been really eye opening to learn so much about myself all thanks to a few tests. This deserves its own posts.

I also have a post planned to talk about my move to Leica cameras…or at least one Leica camera. How that’s going and why.

Oh and also going from working from home for 4 years to being back in an office 4 days a week and also using a company-owned computer instead of a BYO machine. What’s my M1 Max MacBook Pro doing all day while I’m at work? What’s it like working on a machine with JAMF that has all kinds of security checks and likely key loggers and other spyware which is a reality since I work in the financial industry now. What things do I miss about being BYO and how has the separation of work which sits on a MacBook and home which sits on my iPhone / MacBook Pro been like.

It’s been a very busy couple of months but with this shoulder injury and having 18 hours of downtime a day doing nothing, you’d think I would have published a lot more blog posts but I just can’t right now. My shoulder is already starting to hurt so I’m going to hang it up and say that I wish I could write more at the moment but it’ll just have to wait until I’m feeling better.

Lots going on and I hope you’re all well. 

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