Linked: “Scenes From the Terrifying, Already Forgotten JFK Airport Shooting That Wasn’t”

via NYMag:

There was a second stampede, I heard some time later, in Terminal 2. I was caught up in two separate ones, genuine stampedes, both in Terminal 1. The first was in the long, narrow, low-ceilinged second-floor hallway approaching customs that was so stuffed with restless passengers that it felt like a cattle call, even before the fire alarm and the screaming and all the contradictory squeals that sent people running and yelling and barreling over each other — as well as the dropped luggage, passports, and crouched panicked women who just wanted to take shelter between their knees and hope for it, or “them,” to pass. The second was later, after security guards had just hustled hundreds of us off of the tarmac directly into passport control, when a woman in a hijab appeared at the top of a flight of stairs, yelling out for a family member, it seemed, who had been separated from her in the chaos. The crowd seemed to rise up, squealing, and rush for the two small sets of double doors.

In retrospect, this is hilarious. There was no threat at all but thousands of people entered an emotional fight or flight scenario and it was every person for themselves for hours. A complete break-down of our fragile social system and a great reminder that the balance in your bank account, credit score and the deed to your property are all made up, given to you by the economy and your fellow man and can easily be taken away when unrest and uncertainty enter into the fray. Your retirement account is a piece of paper. When things hit the fan, it will disappear.

My House: Updated Floor Plans

On October 29th, I linked via this blog to some photos of the main floor of the new house. This left out the downstairs. Since then, heather has made some awesome 2D / 3D renderings of the house that we just sent over to the contractor. He was very impressed. 


Overlook NH House Drawings

Overlook NH House Drawings


Overlook NH House Drawings


Overlook NH House Drawings

Note here below that a wall is showing in the entry way but not above in the 2D view. The wall would have removed too much light so we’ve taken it out pending the contractor’s advisement on needing it for load.

Overlook NH House Drawings

Overlook NH House Drawings

Linked: “Pebble Is Dead, and Its Customers Are Completely Screwed”

via Gizmodo:

“One-to-one Pebble support is no longer available” and “any Pebble currently out in the wild is no longer covered by or eligible for warranty exchange.” This means, no matter when you purchased or received your Pebble device, you are on your own—and if your device dies, you’re simply out a device. Any warranty you might have been promised from Pebble directly is void. (If you didn’t purchase from Pebble, but from a site like Amazon, you may still be able to return the product for cash or store credit.) You can also expect to see zero software support (or updates) going forward, despite Fitbit’s acquisition.

If you took part in Pebble’s recent Kickstarter, which launched on May 24 and raked in nearly 12.8 million dollars, and you have not received your product, then you are, again, screwed. As of today Pebble will no longer be shipping devices. Pebble 2 backers who haven’t received a device won’t receive one. The Time 2, Core, and Time Round, originally intended to ship last month and later scheduled to ship in January 2017, are completely canceled.

Pebble as a company no longer exists so therefore their agreements, promises, etc are also null and void. But, if Fitbit had any interest in converting millions of Pebble Fans over to its product, it has thrown that completely away. 

FitBit basically told a million people that it won’t honor warranties, offer refunds and not deliver on the promises made by a company it acquired. The real story here is that FitBit is treating Pebble’s customers like they don’t exist and like it doesn’t need their business. 

If you’re a FitBit or Pebble Customer, you should start looking at another Smart Watch maker because these companies obviously don’t want your money.

Linked: “This is what Apple should tell you when you lose your iPhone”

via HackerNoon (a medium blog):

Two weeks ago, I was on holiday in Turin, Italy and made a boo boo. I forgot my phone in our rental car for a two hour visit to a local outdoors spa (Acquajoy, great fun especially for the kids!). The end result was unfortunate: when we returned to the car, a window was smashed and my iPhone stolen.

Save this one and keep it handy. I’ve never lost a phone before but a lot of this was good to know. In a similar fashion, if you get a new car, you should practice changing your tire in your front yard before you’re stuck fiddling around in the dark on the side of the road. This is the same.