I haven’t done an update since this post in 2018. Every year, MG Siegler reminds me of how much fun this is and while I do capture my home screens every year, they usually don’t show up on this blog. Here is my home screen on January 10th, 2022:

IMG 0051


A few things notably happened in the last 12 months:

  • Halide replaced Untappd. I drink less beer now and shoot more RAW images thanks to the iPhone cameras finally getting decent enough to use (took long enough)
  • Carrot & Snowflake are co-habitating and I’m not sure which one to use yet and have been using both for 6 months and still am no where near closer to picking one
  • I still use Fuelly and their dedicated iOS app still sucks (I’m using their web app bookmarked to the Home Screen)
  • I’ve moved apps for navigation, videography, drones and motorcycling to their own dedicated folder as I have a LOT of them now
  • I moved to Fantastical in 2019 and LOVE it. I can’t believe it took me so long to move to it. 
  • Our company moved to Slack fully in 2019 so that’s been a permanent Home Screen fixture
  • Halide replaced Camera
  • I still hate Widgets

See you next year :)