November, 2016:

Live a Little – $35 a month, 60+ channels

Just Right – $50 a month, 80+ channels

Go Big – $60 a month, 100+ channels

Gotta Have It – $70 a month, 120+ channels

July, 2018:

Later this month, DirecTV Now will raise its prices by $5 on all packages, bringing basic service to $40 a month and the premium package with all the works to $75 a month.

March, 2019: 

Current DIRECTV NOW customers will be able to keep their old packages but with a $10 a month price hike starting on their next bill. According to our sources as long as you stay subscribed, you will be able to keep your current DIRECTV NOW package. If you leave, you may not be able to resubscribe to the old DIRECTV NOW packages.

In 2016 though (back to that first Gizmodo link):

During the launch period, DirecTV Now’s “Go Big” plan will be available for $35 a month. Users are grandfathered into the $35 a month price as long as they stay subscribed to the service.

That’s the plan my girlfriend purchased. She received a $149 AppleTV as well but that language is actually incorrect. It won’t stay $35. You know how I know? Because it costs $50 today, 2 years later. Luckily, I don’t pay for it.