I found this really interesting:

Top Blog Posts, Last 3 Months - Beer Blog

My beer blog is significantly smaller in traffic than the main blog which isn’t surprising. However, in looking at what post receive the most traffic, well the only surprising (but not illogical) post is my Lemon-ade-Rita post from March. This has performed very well and is the top result on Google.

For the rest of the list, my guides to cellaring and BCS French-Press have done well and reviews of popular beers like Hill Farmstead Ann, Flora, Dorothy aren’t surprising. Beer Haul posts continue to do well despite my move from a monthly frequency to more of a quarterly, as I feel like it frequency. As I said in this post from 2013, the frequency was just to stressful and most of those reasons still exist but quarterly hauls are just less stressful and lead to less people asking me to trade X beer. In fact, despite a steady readership, I get way less emails these days about trades than I used to. This is a good thing.