February 14th Snow

I know it’s been a bit boring on this blog lately. Every day, another stupid one-off review copied and pasted from my lazy RateBeer profile taken with a camera on ‘auto’ mode. I get it. That gets really boring. Obviously, I’m still drinking quality beers with great friends and have thinned out my cellar quite a bit. I’m drinking a lot more Hill Farmstead beers and whatever is on tap at brew pubs while traveling.

It’s also hard to go out much lately with so much now dumping on us around the east coast. Finally, I’m traveling a ton for work so I haven’t made it out to acquire a lot of new beers lately.

My carboys are full of sour beer, my kegerator is also full. I haven’t done many verticals or horizontals or experiments with yeast strains, etc. I’ve just been sort of drinking and working a lot and that’s it and the blog reflects that. Most nights, I’m just drinking Bourbon County Coffee from the sixtel I picked up in November or cracking open a growler of Abner or enjoying Arthur. It’s a pretty boring, standard existence in the beer world and my bank account reflects the reduced spending / trading which is VERY nice.

Homebrewing will pick back up this summer, and there will certainly be some HUGE beer-porn / hauls getting posted after my upcoming trips to Canada & Belgium. There’s a lot to share in the coming months and I apologize that most of the content is just beer reviews. I queue up these posts weeks in advance so there’s a new beer review every day from now until the 2nd week of March. 

Thanks for reading and I hope ya’ll are staying warm wherever you are.

Oh and here’s a look at what posts are coming up if you’re into really following this stuff closely: I’m sure the Facebook beer group is on the edge of their seats to see what I rate these beers that I’ve already rated over on RateBeer. MUCH SUSPENSE. INSANE CLIMAX. GOOD PIX.

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