Last May, I visited a bar recommended to me by a friend. He knew I was a huge fan of Speakeasy bars and told me of a brand new world-class bar owned and operated by a man named Olivier Jacobs that had just opened called Jigger’s – The Noble Drugstore. I spent an entire evening there for 6 hours enjoying delicious cocktails and talking to the nice staff and its patrons. During that evening, I also took a few photos and wrote this blog post

Since I am heading to Europe in February, I decided to message Olivier to reserve another night of drinks and photography at his lounge. Upon visiting the website, I noticed  all of the photos used were mine! No, they were not attributed to me but I’m so flattered, I don’t care. It’s really cool that they used my photos in such a pronounced way at a bar operated by the winner of Belgium’s best bartender 2 years in a row and who won many accolades representing Belgium at the world bartender competition that took place in Brazil last year.

Some photos of the site featuring my photos are below:

Here are the photos used: (1, 2 and 3)

Screen Shot 2013 01 22 at 3 26 32 PM

Screen Shot 2013 01 22 at 3 26 42 PM

Screen Shot 2013 01 22 at 3 26 50 PM

This was an unexpected treat to find these and I look forward to thanking Olivier and his team in person when I am in Gent next month. It is truly one of the best cocktail bars I’ve ever visited.