Every once in a while which is usually once a year, I post my stats. I usually take a lot of time to do an average stats based on Google Analytics, WordPress Stats, Web Hosting Stats and StatPress. That’s too much work. I thought it would be cool just to post two screenshots. The first is the stats for this blog and the second is for my beer blog.

Blog.Adam-Jackson launched in January of 2009. For the last 3 years, it was my latest and newest blog succeeding about 5 blogs previously as my primary sounding board and about 15 total blogs. At once, I was running 6 or maybe it was 8 simultaneously. In 2009, I merged them all together. 

In March, I launched Adam-Jackson/Beer. It’s a blog only about alcohol and this includes reviews, home brewing, news, travel and various beer related adventures / commentary. The reason for this new blog which breaks my previous realization that I was writing in too many places is that beer is a recent passion of mine and has almost zero overlap with my primary blog. Basically, readers of the primary blog have little interest in a very nano-view of craft beer and specialized beer discussions. I’m not saying those readers don’t drink beer, but many of them won’t go to Belgium just for beer or brew and keg their own home brews. So, I decided to make it a separate blog.

The results have been great. My main blog traffic has remained mostly stagnant for a while. This is fine. My mom still reads that blog and that’s the most important thing. The beer blog has seen some fantastic traffic increases in the past few months. It’s only been online for 3 months. 

Main Blog Stats:

Screen Shot 2012 06 08 at 10 07 55 AM

Beer Blog Stats:

Screen Shot 2012 06 08 at 10 07 46 AM

In a very short time, I’m doing between 1,500-2,000 visitors per month averaging 5,000 page views and 350 RSS feed readers to my beer blog. For my primary blog, the numbers are far greater which is no surprise. 5,000 people generating 15,000 page views per month and 2,000 RSS feed readers. 

Analytics has tended to be slightly higher than this but this is the stat I look at weekly so it’s good to share this one. 

Thanks everyone for reading and supporting the blog. You contribute directly to the growth and I appreciate that.