In May, which which was only 4 months ago, I announced that Laura and I were going on a road trip. Ford Motor company provided me with a brand new Lincoln MKS Sedan for 5 days and I would be traveling to Las Vegas via Los Angeles and back. The trip was very well documented and I think Ford was extremely happy with how I covered the event. Here are a few resources from our last trip that are still online.

  1. It’s own FriendFeed Room “RoadTrip 2009”
  2. It’s own Blog Page
  3. Tons of blog posts
  4. A Huge Flickr Set
  5. Tons of Videos
  6. and more

This time, they’re giving me another car from this Friday (the 11th) until Monday (the 14th). For this second road trip they didn’t just give me a car though, I had to apply for a 2nd go around and luckily, my past work with Ford was very influential and they chose me again for another test-drive. This time, only 4 days but it’s slightly more exciting! The first road trip I went on was in a very luxurious car from Lincoln and this time it’s a more affordable full-size sedan but with some updated bells and whistles that will make for an exciting drive!

Ford Motor Company has offered their brand new 2010 Ford Taurus. The new Taurus has some kick ass features that will be sure to turn heads. First of all, it has the new Ford eco-boost which delivers 365 horsepower but has the fuel economy of a 4 cylinder car with far less horsepower. The interior has been completely revamped and it now has Microsoft Sync (which is what the Lincoln MKS that I tested has). There are other available features like all-wheel drive and a brand new body design. For the complete run-down, check out the new 2010 Ford Taurus Website!

I have to admit that it was fun taking that 5 day road trip back in May but something was missing. I really missed not having a destination. It sounds odd but I was looking forward to a destination and a place to go in the Lincoln instead of just driving for the hell of it. Well, there’s another detail that I haven’t yet shared yet.

  • Two tickets to the Seattle Seahawks vs St. Louis Rams NFL Game on Sunday.
  • Two nights hotel accomadations
  • A very healthy fuel reimbursement budget
  • And of course…The brand new 2010 Taurus for a few days.

All of this combined with a beautiful drive from San Francisco to Seattle is going to make for a very awesome weekend! The car will be dropped off at my office on Friday morning and it’s due back Monday night. If I take I-5 North, it’s around 12 hours to get from San Francisco to Seattle.  If I take Pacific Coast Highway from Portland to Seattle, I’ll add about 4 hours of driving but I hear it’s totally beautiful! My plan (right now) is to take I-5 to Portland on Friday and see some friends and then wake up on Saturday and take PCH into Seattle, hang out in the city, visiting Microsoft HQ and get a hotel that night. Then see the game on Sunday and drive straight home overnight. It’s going to be an awesome weekend!

Screen shot 2009-09-09 at 9.36.11 PM

But wait; aren’t there two NFL tickets that you have? Who’s going with you? Well, that’s a good question. I’m probably going to go alone. The truth is, I don’t know anyone other than Laura that I can spend 15 hours in a car with without going completely insane. If I can find someone last minute, that might change. My goal is to take my cameras, laptops and video equipment and put as much of the trip on the web as possible in real time. I won’t be doing as much coverage as I did last time but it’ll still be pretty meta. Oh and I’ll be hitting my 50 thousandth tweet this weekend so that’s pretty exciting!

Thanks everyone for your support and I’ll be seeing you online!