birdI’ve been very lucky to have been included as a speaker in many conferences and barcamps in the past year. I’ve also been lucky to have been featured, interviewed and talked about on national news networks, newspapers and national radio stations. While teaching people about Twitter through my blog, coaching and speaking, I’ve always felt that things could be better. I could teach more, do more and reach a broader audience. Last week, my friend Jacob Morgan came to me and had the idea for doing a Twitter Coaching Session to a group of people. It’s funny because half a dozen people in the past year have told me the same exact thing. Jacob and I do similar things in our day jobs and each of us have the background & experience to lead such a class.

Instead of waiting around for someone to come to us, we decided to get a sponsor, find a space and do it ourselves! An Introduction to Twitter & Micro-Blogging is the first of many sessions involving Twitter and similar sites and how to use them. This session will be one hour long with an additional 15-30 minutes for questions on the basics of Twitter and how to use the service for work, play or connecting with people. It’s going to be a ton of fun so if you’re in the area, I suggest you drop in and soak up the knowledge!

We were lucky that Zannel stepped up and offered their fairly large space. They also commited to offering up drinks and home-cooked BBQ! Yes, they have a grill and yes there will be BBQ! The admission is $15.99 which covers the expenses and, in my opinion, is not too bad considering you get an hour of instruction and 2 hours of food & drinks with people of like minds. It’s going to be a fun time and I hope you’ll sign up and tell your friends.

This may be my first tag-team coaching session to a group that I organized but its’ not my first rodeo and I know everyone will learn something new & exciting (even the power users).

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