I have been extremely fortunate to be invited time and again to conferences, meet ups and other groups as a speaker or panelist. It’s occurred to me that I really enjoy it so I’m committing to growing that and doing more speaking engagements very soon. Anyone can write a blog post or record a podcast. Of course, there are some guys that are great at it and others that really suck and I fall somewhere in between but I’ve been told over and over that I do a pretty good job on stage speaking to people and it’s something that I hope to continue for a long time.

With that said, there are some people who haven’t seen me speak and don’t really care to so I’ll be bringing the speaking to you directly through videos. I don’t know how often or how good these will be but I do know that I really enjoy speaking and someone out there is going to enjoy watching. Stay tuned because next week, I’ll post the first one and as you can see, there’s now a “videos” category on this blog.

You can view some of my previous videos here on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe. The videos I’m going to be posting for this blog will be hosted on Viddler and you can subscribe to my Viddler stream right here.