I moved to San Francisco on June 1st of 2008 which is 8 months ago to the day. That’s pretty cool actually. Anyway, I signed up with TwitterCounter only a week after moving to San Francisco and according to the graph I had 817 followers on June 13th.

My TwitterCounter

Today I have 2,150 followers which means I’ve added 1,333 followers since moving to San Francisco which is an average of 18 new followers a day.

I joined Twitter on March 21st, 2007 and when I moved to San Francisco I had been a member of the service for 14 months and only had 817 followers. Fast forward 8 months and I’ve nearly tripled that number. This goes to show that moving to San Francisco and playing an active role in the social media / Web 2.0 community has directly affected the amount of followers I have on Twitter.

On a side note, that dip in the graph was when Twitter killed millions of spam accounts that had joined the service. My follower count dropped by 300 that day. It took a month to recover from that.