I’ve been linking to things on this blog since 2011. It’s a great way to share written works from others with you all who still read this blog but also to give a little bit of my own flair of opinion and thoughts toward something. Well, I’ve been linking to one or two things a week for the last 6 months but I’ve been reading and saving many more things and not keeping up with posting these here. It’s been mentioned before but I send things to Instapaper all day that I want to read but can’t while at work. Every month, I read everything I saved. I don’t keep an Instapaper backlog. One out of ten things I read is something I’d like to share here for my own posterity mostly because I like reading what I wrote years ago to see how my opinion changed but also so that you readers can find things to read that most likely didn’t appear on your Facebook or Twitter feed. So many great things are being written that aren’t shared enough to bubble up into the mainstream since most mainstream news is political now. 

I have to file for bankruptcy though and dump everything here in one post. I’m sorry. I think this is only the 2nd time I’ve done such a thing. The last time I did this was in 2014 and it seems I was reading a lot less then versus now. Here’s that post

Without more delays, a few dozen things I wanted to share: 

I’m sorry to not have the time to add much to this but I really need to get to bed. Lots to do tomorrow.