via Above Avalon:

It’s becoming clear that Apple’s product priorities are shifting.

  • Release an Apple Watch that is fully independent of iPhone.
  • Position Apple Watch to handle more tasks currently given to iPhone. 
  • Release accessories that complement Apple’s expanding wearables strategy.
  • Position iPhone as an AR navigation device. 
  • Position iPad as a genuine Mac alternative.
  • Position Mac as a VR/AR content creation machine.

Combining the six preceding priorities into one cohesive product strategy leads to the following diagram.

Fantastic article and I love the design of this blog. Very lightweight and fast to load. Nothing distracting about it. I think the Mac remains the only place to create content quickly and efficiently. You can cut a movie on an iPhone but your’e severely handicapping yourself by doing so. I see the Mac as my way to reach people on iPhones and iPads. I write here and you all read it on your mobiles and while I don’t find these devices true computing devices, more like toys like larger internet connected Game Boys, I can understand that I am in the wrong but it doesn’t mean I’m going to grab an iPhone and try to get work done. Why when a Mac is thousands of times quicker at these tasks.