I’ve been an iPhone 8 Plus owner for almost 4 weeks. It’s been scanning my iCloud Photos Library for this long to detect faces. I leave it plugged in beside my bed, at my iMac (I use my iPad at home) on my motorcycle, in my car and at my desk. It’s unplugged for at most half an hour a day and I’m still waiting on the scan to complete. 

I’ll get excited about phone computing when we can finally do things as fast as a mobile computer (i.e. Laptop). 

Also, can we talk about the fact that it’s 2017, and I spend half of my time on 1X network? I don’t even have 3G! I use an at home 3G booster and Verizon WiFi calling to get by and that’s allowed me to finally ditch the land-line. AT&T is rolling out 5G networks. Great. I’d like 3G please!