I didn’t update to the latest version of Automatic because I saw this:

What’s New in Version 3.9.3

• We’ve had to switch road data providers, and unfortunately the new one doesn’t yet offer speed limit information. Now, Weekly Drive Stats won’t include a graph of time spent over/under the speed limit. Sorry about this. We’d love to add it back when it becomes available.

I’m always cautious about this because some map providers have some additional terms where their customers have to share the user data back with them and I was worried it was a change to a map provider I don’t want to be giving data to like Google. I received this back from support when I asked them about the change:

Thank you for contacting us. We are now using MapBox for road data, which we were already using for mapping purposes. We don’t share data with them at all, and nothing has changed with our Terms of Service.

Mapbox is an API / Server-side implementation of Open Street Map. A lot of companies use them so I’m okay with the change. Nothing to fret about.

While researching the map provider change, I saw this.

I wish Automatic (and the other Adam Jackson, an investor in the company) a lot of success in the coming years. SiriusXM was the last suitor I’d have imagined would grab this company up. I kind of always hoped my employer would buy them but I don’t work anywhere near M&A so it’s not like I heard any rumblings. I just had some wishful thinking. But more appropriate buyer would have been an auto-maker or insurance company. 

Either way, I think this’ll be good for Automatic and I hope they continue to innovate.