Why can’t Apple just make a television?????  I had to go through 10 screens to manually opt-out of multiple terms & conditions that I never agreed to initially and then I reset the TV and went through a bunch of hoops and I still can’t get these ads to go away! 

My girlfriend was wondering why I was opposed to Samsung appliances in our home. They were affordable, beautiful and full of features. I told her Samsung sucks. When I ordered this TV, I had to have a personal moment to contend with the fact that I couldn’t afford a non-Samsung TV with all of the feature I wanted and I bought this as the first Samsung product I’ve bought since 2010 when I picked up their top of the line 55” TV at the time.

24 hours after ownership, I’m regretting this purchase 100%. I use Apple’s hardware & software for a reason. They respect the privacy of their users. Samsung is completely opposite. I should have known better:


See that ad? I can’t get it to go away short of unplugging the TV from LAN which would mean I couldn’t use Netflix / YouTube or Amazon Video in 4K which is why I bought the TV. This is disgusting. If I can’t figure out an option, I’m returning the television.