Beer Haul: 2020

Only one beer haul post this year. Buying has once again gotten slower and that’s perfectly fine. Heather actually joined Bruery’s Reserve Society in 2020 and we will be picking up her bottles in a few weeks so those will have to show up in the 2021 edition of the beer haul. Enjoy:

Linked: “Apple Leadership Bubblegum Cards”

Via Daring Fireball: (a tech & politics blog) My biggest question and deepest concern regarding Apple’s leadership, especially now that Ive is gone and Phil Schiller has moved on to a fellowship with only the App Store and events on his plate,2 is whose taste is driving product development? I had the exact same consideration …

★ Beer Haul: Fall / Winter 2017

A very quiet Winter Haul this time around. Good news though. I renewed my Schramm’s Membership, did a very large BCS trade, Renewed my Hill Farmstead Collected Works Membership and re-subscribed to Bruery Hoarders so the haul post that comes ou in the Spring should be very redeeming to what I put up this Fall.  …

★ Beer Haul: Summer 2017

Great Summer, lots of travel, home improvements and life events that ultimately restricted how much I could spend on beer. I further restricted the amount of money I spent on beer that wasn’t Hill Farmstead or Lambic. I think I only did 3 beer trades all Summer. 

★ Beer Haul: Spring 2017

New house, lots of travel and some delicious beers. More consolidation of my beer-cellar and after next month, I’ll receive my final Bruery Hoarders box and will be saving an extra $1500 a year in beer + shipping by electing to not renew my HS membership. Focusing on local fresh beers and the occasional mead …