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My biggest question and deepest concern regarding Apple’s leadership, especially now that Ive is gone and Phil Schiller has moved on to a fellowship with only the App Store and events on his plate,2 is whose taste is driving product development?

I had the exact same consideration when I read the Bloomberg piece. I’m certain Williams will do a great job succeeding Cook but Apple has done a fantastic job over the last 6 years de-branding design. Jony Ive himself was talking about how great the team is, then we had 2 design chiefs and now we don’t hear about anyone from design at Apple and the product leads are the ones showing off new products, not the designers. Design is so ingrained in Apple, they don’t need a face for design? Maybe Apple regrets how much Ive stole the limelight from the hundreds in industrial design who work nights and weekends to deliver great products but on the face of things, Steve & Jony since 1997 were design and then Jony and now who?