Holy Moly, it’s Rich Thurman from the Small Business Community Association!

Season’s Greetings! Richard Thurman, the scumbag from Tempe Arizona is back with a brand new phone number and new business dishing out his awards to small business experts like myself! 

Richard Thurman  Small Business Community Association Scam



Adam Jackson has been selected for the 2018 Best of Business Award for the Small Business category.

You are now in the company of several other businesses owners across the country that have also been selected. Check them out here: 2018 Best of Business. To accept your award – and to help the Small Business Community Association help you and your 23 million small business peers grow and thrive – please use the following link to start the acceptance process: Award Acceptance Wizard

The Small Business Community Association has been dedicated to empowering and recognizing small business owners who make a difference in their respective communities since 2006. About Us
To become a more active part of this elite community of small business owners that comprise less than 1% of total business owners in the United States, please follow this link.

Award Acceptance Wizard

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Once again, Congratulations twice on your nomination and award!

-Rich Thurman

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Think, Automate & Grow 133 West 6th St #2632 Tempe, Arizona 85281 United States (844) 743-2824

Like I said 

on 8/20/2015, 4/29/2016 and 10/24/2016, “Richard Thurman, Leave Me Alone!

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