The Scammer Richard Thurman is Back!

As I wrote in mid-August of 2015, this guy really should be called out. I unsubscribed from his emails, reported them to and expected to never hear from the guy again. Well, he’s back folks!

Evening time, Wednesday:

Richard Thurman is Back!

The next morning:

Richard Thurman is Back!

The Small Business Community Association (formally known as the Small Business Community Network) has 1 employee (Rich Thurman) and he has a file for me on his network already. All he needs is a bio and a profile photo! It also looks like Richard changed his phone number since he last emailed me to 480-267-6221. It was formerly, 480-336-2578.

Richard, I’ve clicked unsubscribe (again) and forwarded you to the spam email address at Please stop emailing me. 

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