Never underestimate great advertising. It’s unfortunate that Adrian Grenier of Entourage is a friend of one of my best friends but I just can’t hold back. I’m not going to say anything bad but the reviews do speak for themselves on RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. Watching the introduction video to this beer and it’s clear who exactly this product is marketed to:

Yes. It’s marketed to guys like this: (who also happens to be a friend of mine)


Well, the reviews are in from actual beer geeks:

Yeah, not too great but this beer is still new. I consider it a gimmick. Sorry Adrian but, if you can get distribution and manage to break outside of the hipster elite, you might have a great product. It comes down to taste..or maybe it doesn’t. PBR is doing quite well. Screw it. Keep doing what you’re doing and just take market share away from PBR. The beer lovers in the world won’t drink your product but maybe that’s okay.