My Food for The Week

Wasting no time following my last post, “Hello 2012.” I have decided to kick off the annual detox a month early and I’m upping the challenge from last year in a way that seems completely impossible but is worth a shot. This is not a resolution for the new year and I welcome all of my readers to join in the fun and see if you can meet my challenge. The annual detox I undergo has always been something simple like giving up caffeine, alcohol, cigars, meat and television. The goal is not to simply give these things up but anytime I want to do these things, I must spend a comparable amount of time spent doing these things on something more meaningful. The moment I want to grab a beer or turn on the TV, it’s time to grab a book or go for a run or clean house. This isn’t simply replacing one crutch for another but replacing a crutch with something beneficial and helpful to my life.

Upon completion of the month long detox, I always find myself no longer caring about what I gave up and not reintroducing it into my life. If something I gave up is reintroduced, things are different. Instead of drinking just to drink, I start collecting beer and do fun new things with my TV time like finding content with fewer commercials and moving from cable to online video. The detox always leads to new things and these things stay with me for a very long time. Some people have temporary new years resolutions and others give up something for Lent. Well, I like to do things differently. Here’s how this month will play out:

Period: One Month (January 3rd to February 3rd)

  1. No alcohol (Beer, Wine & Liquor)
  2. No tobacco (via Hookah or Cigars)
  3. No drugs (I don’t do drugs EVER so this is very easy)
  4. No meat (Once a week, I can have fish)
  5. One fiber rich kale salad every night
  6. No milk products (includes cheese, yogurt and ice cream. I don’t currently drink milk)
  7. No caffeine (via coffee or any other supplement or energy drink)
  8. Water only
  9. Stretch Daily
  10. Meditate Daily
  11. Gym 4 days a week for 2 hours each visit (I’m already doing this)
  12. Run twice a week (minimum 1.5 miles)
  13. Complete 2 books in the one month span (A kick start to my yearly book goal)
  14. No television. Movies only if time permits.
  15. No social media. This blog will be my only outlet for 30 days. No Facebook, Twitter, Path, instant messages, etc.
  16. Disabling all desktop and mobile notifications for everything except work emails
  17. Complete one 7 day Juice Fast (“Excavation” via BluePrintCleanse which I’ve already ordered for the 10th-16th and will only do that & water for the week)

This all starts right now. Of course, you don’t have to complete all of these things but I’d LOVE to see my readers get involved in some way. Don’t set your goal at one year but, for one month try something out on this list. Take time to remove all of the things that are hurting you and add things that help you. Start with one month and then maybe go 2 months and maybe 6. See how long you can help your body instead of hurting it.

For everyone who reads this, they’ll find at least one thing that they find insane and that’s okay. If we fail to push ourselves forward, we’ll just sit still collecting mold. Good luck everyone! Thanks for your support.

Update: Here’s my new iOS homescreen following the change. I’ve removed every social network from my devices and disabled all notifications.