The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Shoes

After watching the movie again, I decided it was a fine time to finally acquire the shoes featured in the film. Luckily, some 3rd parties have capitalized on this. Red Beanie and shoes acquired. I just need one of those blue work-suits with “Ned” written on the chest and the costume is complete.

★ The long Winter ahead

Every year, like clockwork, the daylight hours shrink and temperature drops. It’s a longstanding rule that the only time each year that farmers are allowed to take a break and sleep in is in the dead of winter. It’s time to eat the food that was raised, slaughtered and harvested, drink distilled spirits and spend …

★ An Update in Backyard Farming (Summer 2012)

Three months ago, I wrote a post about the snow melting and listing off a few aspirations for this year. Most of the time, my public statements change a bit by the time I actually carry out plans. The plan for this summer was multifaceted and it’s a long post so here are a few …