Linked: “Revisiting 2011 Funky Buddha Passionfruit Berliner Was a Harrowing Experience”

via DDB:

This was one of like 50 bottles so at least we know this is a contained incident most people won’t endure. I paid $100 for this vial of pool chemicals to step on my cubes. The swallow is Southwest customer service and no vouchers are provided. You can feel the sides of your tongue contract and your tastebuds become ridged and embossed as it sucks the saliva out of every opening.

I’ve never had pure citric acid but this has to be approaching that meyer lemon event horizon.

We live in a privileged beer landscape now where even better beers can be overlooked. It’s important to reflect upon these lactic sleep paralysis demons from the past, to move beyond the florida snake oil, to seek absolution in drinkability.

I’m pretty blown away that Alex was able to find one of these over a decade later. It was pretty good when nearly fresh but a 10 year old Berliner, ugh.

Here’s a photo I took in 2012 with my Olympus E-PL2 mirrorless. Looks like DDB’s photo skills are almost caught up (JK)

Berliner Raspberry  The Funky Buddha

Berliner Raspberry  The Funky Buddha

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