Linked: “Instagram responds to criticism with shocking revelation that it will ‘continue to support photos’”

Via TechCrunch:

Instagram head Adam Mosseri posted a video this morning addressing mounting concerns about changes to the app’s feed and its increasing emphasis on video.

Is it lost on these folks that all of the criticisms of Instagram referenced by TechCrunch are videos? Like you’re going to make a video chastising Instagram for losing sight of photo sharing? It’s like making a video that blogging isn’t dead yet and is a healthy and vibrant publishing medium. Um…why not write it? Or in Instagram’s case, publish a photo? 

I’ve been using Instagram again but via an online social media publishing tool and haven’t once installed the app at least not since Facebook bought it 10 years ago. I guess posting photos is not cool anymore. If Instagram is dead and everything is just video, where does one share photos? 

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