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Via David Sparks: “The trouble is those instances where I am not in control. For example, I have many clients who have never heard of iCloud Drive and do not own Macs. They have, however, all heard of and installed Dropbox. When you work in a service industry, adopting a technology that requires your clients to change their technology never works. Also, I make three separate podcasts that invite guests who also sometimes do not have access to iCloud. In the end, I am keeping Dropbox—not for myself but for others.”

For the first time ever, I used iCloud Drive with an acquaintance. My girlfriend and I share a family plan of a 2 terabyte account with 75% of that taken up by our iPhoto libraries and iOS backups and various other iCloud enabled apps like Pages, Numbers, etc. But for the first time, someone I rode with all weekend on the bikes captured 80 gigabytes of GoPro footage on his GS and he, a Mac user accepted my shared folder invitation that I created within the Finder on Catalina. I created a folder, shared and entered his email and he dragged his files over.

I watched as the files uploaded which took about 5 hours for all 80 gigabytes to come in and I saw just the files and had to right click and ‘download’ to get them but they moved pretty fast…probably if I had to estimate about half-speed of Dropbox’s HTTPS download through the web browser. The process still worked just fine and I moved them over to Final Cut Pro then deleted the folder and instead of going and paying for DropBox pro or Google Drive’s paid tiers, this worked really well. however, if he was on a PC, I’d have to ask him to install iCloud and that barrier probably would have forced me to reinstall DropBox to make this all work.

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