Cellaring: Our Beer Cellar is Nearly Complete

After purchasing this house in October 2016, it wasn’t until March that we finally moved in. The beer slowly got unpacked but it wasn’t until Summer of 2017 that we got around to building a beer room which was 2×6 construction, R40 insulation and an exterior door locking in all of the cool air coming from the subterranean basement walls. 

The room kept pretty cool, 40-55F year round. There’s no light and really it’s quite eerily quiet when you’re in there. We moved a lot of beer boxes in but the room just sat, we moved more beer boxes in from off-site storage and no changes. It was in the Fall that Heather finally got things presentable and she did an amazing job.

A lot of the beer cellar is hers and it’s not just beer. We have Wine, Mead, Ice Cider, Cider, Lambic, Scotch and Bourbon but 80% of the volume is beer. We still have 12 cases of brews off-site that will move over this Summer. For now, here’s the cellar in all of its glory. 

Eventually we’ll paint the walls & add a basic flooring. We just got tired of looking at boxes of beer and not being able to keep things organized by “drink now” and “age longer”

Beer Cellar 2020

Beer Cellar 2020Beer Cellar 2020Beer Cellar 2020Beer Cellar 2020Beer Cellar 2020


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