Last year, I had a crash on pavement that totaled my bike simply because the slide into a guardrail bent my lower right foot peg mount, which is a part of the frame. As I slid about 45 feet at 30 miles per hour into the guardrail, I knew it was going to be a tow truck out of there. After the slide, I got up, dusted myself off, picked up the bike and it started. The crash bars were seriously scraped up, but they didn’t move. The formerly round tubes were flat on the outside, but still whole without any holes in the construction. They stayed in place like the crash never happened. How did a 600-pound bike slide sideways for 45 feet and this was all the damage? Had the peg mount not been bent to the point of breaking, I’d still be riding my Triple Black GSA today.

I hope to do more of these over time.