I’m extremely busy this week so will keep this short. 

Apple should have been an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) when they launched the iPhone. Just like Boost and Nextel were. Lease tower space and be the only carrier for which you can get the iPhone. Apple would take your money, sell you AppleCare and be the one place you go for support with your iPhone & service. 

Apple should have spun off a subsidiary bank a decade ago. Is this legal? I don’t know but I being an Apple Fanboy would pay Apple $150 a year for access to their banking system, they could bundle in Apple Music, AppleCare, a rewards system to put toward your iPhone every year and it’d be amazing. 

Why are they partnering with Goldman Sachs instead of just being their own bank. Again, I don’t know if that’s legal but if Amazon can own grocery stores, Apple can own a bank. They have the capital to do this.