The Soft Bulletin – 500ish Words:

As I age, I find I increasingly enjoy this outside vantage point. I feel like everyone has gotten too into the weeds at too many of these events. All I crave is the 10,000-foot view. And as such, I increasingly try to offer that. I’m going to shut off notifications and try to watch the keynote “fresh” later tonight as I battle jetlag. If it doesn’t put me to sleep, that’s probably a good sign for Apple. If it does, that’s probably good for me.

Exactly my approach to Keynotes these days. I watch them safely at home in high definition ignoring all Apple News until then. It’s more fun this way. Well, it’s way less fun than actually being there but I spend my travel money on non-Apple things these days. I still love Apple, I still love the presentations I still think of Steve often but I don’t have the means to go to Apple events anymore or I do but choose not to and it’s why I prefer to watch these later. It’s as if I’m there and the news isn’t filtered by journalists.