Logic Pro X 10.4 Release Notes:

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if we got public release notes that were this detailed for all apps from Apple? (via DF)

Agreed with Gruber…but I’d extend that same expectation to all developers. 1Password is the only 3rd party developer that lists every change and I read their ChangeLog for every release. “Bug Fixes” is not good enough and even if 2-3 people read your release notes, I argue it’s still worth doing. “This update is the last for this application and you need to download our new one that BTW ads advertisements” like Fuelly did, I would have not updated the application and left it as-is. Instead, they just wrote “bug fixes” I downloaded it and was greeted with a screen to move to their new app with ads. The developer has zero sympathy for my complaint but what do you expect from a service that doesn’t publish real ChangeLogs. They don’t give a shit about their users at all. 

Apple needs to lead by example and insist its developers do the same by not accepting application updates to iTMS that don’t have any changes at all. No app update is change-free. Something changed. Disclose it!