I haven’t done this in a few years although I am in the habit of taking SpringBoard screenshots every year which do act as time capsules for me.

Both devices are very organized for optimal usability in the kind of things I do on them. There are obviously some changes I should make as I look at the home screen more critically but no big ones. I think removing Slack and Twitch from my iPad would be a good thing. Overall, those of you who read my thoughts on our world of technology will see a very close relation in my home screens and how I use the latest tech. The iPad is for reading. Instapaper and Reeder are my most used items. On the iPhone, again very much a data lover’s iPhone

The first 3 rows are dedicated to my daily use Apple software and navigation, automotive tracking and UPS deliveries (for which I always have at least 5 boxes tracked in there)

After that, we have work communication tools, podcasts and FourSquare. Then, Weather, home energy usage and IMDB for which I use daily. Finally, investments, YouTube comments, Reddit and P2P voice mails (a new entrant that I’m not yet sold on). 

One could argue that Swarm, Alien Blue and Untappd are “social networks” but Untappd and FourSquare are data-logging tools for me. I don’t really collaborate with anyone there or see what people are doing. AlienBlue is the only time-waster I have on the iPhone.