via YouTube & Laughing Squid:

Lori Dorn, “Not surprisingly, the Hasselblad did a much better job at smoothly revealing details at larger sizes but the Pixel did fine for social media sized photos. In testing out the depth of field capabilities, the results were close, buy the more expensive camera provided finer background details. Summing up, a person can do well with the Pixel 2 and better with the Hasselblad.”

This here summarizes exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people. Every year, a new iPhone comes out and I spend $800-$1000 on it. I take a few photos, open them in Lightroom and sit there dumb-founded. This is the best camera in the world, everyone is fawning over it. It’s amazing and the point & shoot market is dead, etc. but on my screen, these photos are atrocious. I honestly can’t believe people would appreciate them but I consume 100% of my photos on a 27” 5K iMac and a 15” Retina MacBook Pro. I don’t look at photos on mobile phones or iPads so I spend my day on reddit looking at tiny GIFs that are 150×150 (and down voting those because it’s absurd I have to squint my eyes to see this on my huge monitor and asking people why they think the photo I’m looking at looks so great on some photography post about smartphones being the future. Then I look at my stats. my own website and YouTube channels are majority viewed by mobile phones. 

so YES of course! The iPhone and Pixel 2 are amazing cameras for everyone using mobile applications. That doesn’t mean they’re great cameras. They’re great cameras sort of like Polaroid cameras were great until you tried to make the image larger than the size of a Polaroid and all of the awful colors and depth would clearly reveal themselves. You have to look at it from my side though. I’m sitting here looking at an art gallery of full size photos in gorgeous detail on huge canvases with pixels my eyeballs can’t discern and you’re holding up a Polaroid exclaiming every other photographic medium is old-school and not worth considering. 

It’s a frustrating situation I find myself in every single day and finally someone (Lori of Laughing Squid) says what I’ve been trying to put into words. These cameras are identical on an Instagram post on your phone. In every other place, format, location, size, there’s no competition. You get what you pay for.