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Educational class, photo walks, and more — from your local Apple Store. This, I think, is Angela Ahrendts’s biggest project at Apple to date. This is not just a program for the major flagship stores — it’s a program for every single Apple Store around the world. As I wrote a few weeks ago, Apple’s retail stores are one of the most overlooked / underestimated advantages in all of technology.

I don’t see how this is any different than Apple’s Classes from 10 years ago that people didn’t attend so Apple spent 10 years phasing out the theatre and redesigning the stores where instead of a theatre, the back of the main store is just one big genius bar and now they’re bringing this back and it’s a HUGE deal. 

Here is Saturday May 20th’s “Today @ Apple” Schedule for my nearest Apple Store:

Saturday May 20th, today at Apple, Mall of New Hampshire

Here is the suggested schedule for Apple Stores in 2005 (Saturday):

  • Getting Started On A Mac Workshop – 9:00am
  • iWork Workshop – 12:00pm
  • Mac OS X Workshop – 1:00pm
  • .Mac Workshop – 2:00pm
  • iTunes/iPod – 3:00pm
  • iPod and iTunes workshop – 6:00 p.m.

12 years later and very little has changed except now most stores lack a theatre area. I don’t consider this at all some grand and huge endeavor. I see it as bringing back events that were great but over the years suffered from lack of attendance. Maybe the new VP can get it right?