via Gizmodo:

So, let’s see, if you pay for Hulu Plus (which is now just Hulu, since they’re dropping their free tier) that sets you back about $8 per month. And if you go subscription free that’s $12 per month. And Netflix is another $10. And HBO Now is another $15. And obviously you’re going to get the new commercial free CBS, so that’s $10 per month. What are we up to? About $47 before tax? And then you toss on your high-speed internet bill, which you’re probably paying to the cable company anyway. Yeah, this whole cordcutter thing sounds like it liberated consumers alright, doesn’t it?

I’ve said this many times. Eventually, on-demand television that’s commercial free (with product placements) from your favorite networks will cost more than Cable TV did at its peak. I think the author was wrong to include Internet in his argument. Internet & Cable TV are two separate utilities. Yes you need Internet for Hulu but if Hulu didn’t exist, most households would still have Internet for all of the other things it offers.