Uber, you have to expand

Uber in New Hampshire

I joined Uber as a driver, received an iPhone, was approved and ready to drive. Then I opened my driver app, got in the car and indicated that I was on-duty. This was last year and the app wouldn’t let me go on-duty. “You’re outside of our coverage area” See, Uber started accepting drivers but only in Manchester, NH which is 75 miles south of where I live. It’d be like someone in Sacramento applying to be a driver in San Francisco. It doesn’t work.

Uber continues to text me that I should open Uber and go for a drive despite the fact that 9 months ago, I mailed back the iPhone they sent me and cancelled my account. They’re teasing me with these great hourly rates when they don’t understand that I’d have to drive over an hour south just to drive for them.

They either need to expand or stop spamming me.

Uber in New Hampshire

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