Coffee: Akira Beam Heater BH-100 for Coffee Syphon – Review

Akira Beam Heater BH-100

This burner is simply amazing. In the past 2 months since getting a Syphon, I’ve gone through 3 burners. The Denatured Alcohol burner lacks control over the burn and doesn’t really put out much heat. I bought two $100+ Butane burners who both died after a week and luckily, for all of this, Amazon’s return policy is really simple.

I finally broke-down and bought the burner that I should have from the get-go, the Akira Beam Heater BH-100. It ships from Japan, includes replacement bulbs and fuses, has fine precision controls over the intensity of heat and it uses halogen light to boil your water instead of an open flame. No refilling, no buying replacement fuel and no lighter required. It is way larger than I expected but at $270 USD, it’s the 4th most expensive Coffee-Apparatus I’ve ever bought. It helps that this burner is more like a conversation starter than a water boiler.

I’ve used it 3 times and the water does boil slightly slower than with the butane but much faster than the denatured alcohol. It puts out a ton of light so it will fill the room and everyone home will know you’re making coffee with a huge red light.

The light’s lowest setting allows the brewing coffee up top to stay there w/o making its way down to the boiler again and the whole process was really easy. I have no idea how much money it costs me in power but the box does say the bulb is 350 watts.

Here are some more photos:

New House Coffee Setup

Akira Beam Heater BH-100

Akira Beam Heater BH-100

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