Where is the RSS Feed for “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”?

A new season of my favorite web-series…probably the only web series I look forward to every year has started. Honestly, most web-series’ are absolutely crap. This one is pretty good. I like comedians, I like Jerry Seinfeld and I like classic cars.

I went to the website and there are a few links:

Oh well, nothing that I can really subscribe to that is possible to make into an RSS Feed. Most people don’t know this but Facebook and Twitter publish public RSS feeds of profile pages so if there’s a website without an RSS feed but they have a Twitter account of new blog posts, I’ll add that RSS feed to my reader. 

I go to YouTube and the entire show is hosted by Crackle….so if you want it to show up as a YouTube subscription, it’s not an individual channel…it’s a video among thousands of other web-series on Crackle. Also a fun fact, YouTube publishes an RSS feed as well of each YT channel. You can export an RSS digest feed of all of your YT subscriptions and import into any RSS reader…but I don’t want EVERY crackle video showing up in my app.

Surely the Crackle website is my saving grace. i visit and am greeted with, “To continue, please install Adobe Flash”


They don’t publish an RSS feed either so here we are again…another season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and I’m going to miss all of the episodes until Summer-Time when I’m bored and just binge watch all of them. I’m fine with 2 minutes of Acura commercials in each episode. What I’m not fine with is that there’s no way to subscribe via RSS which, despite its lack of adoption, is the standard for syndication everywhere…not email newsletters…RSS.

I enjoyed the President Obama episode. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the episodes next time I remember to visit their website.

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