Reason #501 that I really hate Craigslist

I’m selling a drone on craigslist. It was $1500 new and I’m asking $700 for it. Here are some of the emails I’ve received from potential buyers (aka cheep non-serious people)

James Klimavich, “Would you take payments of 600.00 a month I have the first payment now”


“you can buy it new for 1250 with two batteries just letting you know . You’re charging too much. I’m not interested.“

Thanks for writing I guess?

“I have 800”

Yes, that’s the entire message. I responded with “800 what?”

“Willing to trade for this quadcopter?

I responded “No.”

Speaking of trades, here’s another one from last month from Robert Cushing who I presume lives in New Hampshire. Craigslist has a barter section for people who want to barter and trade things. I posted in the For Sale section. They write:

“You interested in trades or just cash

I respond with:

“The ad says $700. If I were interested in trades, I would have explicitly said that. I don’t get why craigslist people are so difficult to work with. I’ve been offered 5 trades today. it doesn’t make any sense. and if I say “NO TRADES” in all caps people go, “jeez man, I get it. sorry. why are you so agro?” 

Robert says:

“Maybe cause u sound like an a** hole I asked because ppl are looking for things u can’t really post on cl like guns but I got it simple sorry dude just looking for cash an it would of been less txt then u had sent”

Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone

Bill F:

” are you interested in any sort of trades for the Quad Copter?  If so, what are you into?

This gem popped up last week:

“Did you get my email that I sent you early this morning, I think I sent it through Craigslist, I would be happy to meet with you to see it first,..what is your phone # to call you and final price for it, me at,. .are you willing to come down a little on the price? I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you right away…”

Their response was that they were in New Zealand and wanted to send me a Western union Wire Transfer. Sigh.

This was today’s kicker. Terc Lima who I also presume lives in New Hampshire emails me:

“500 cash”

Note that their email to me has a subject line that includes the price “ – $700” so I respond a little aggressively but honestly, this has been going on forever.

“but the listing says $700. Can you not read?

They took the time to respond from their smartphone (which was a lot of typing)

“Instead of giving such a stupid f**ing remark, just say no. It was just an offer and I’d be willing to pay more for it or even the 700 if your firm on it. Now you could stick it up your a**. If you have ever said a stupid remark like that in front of me, I’d f***ing loosen your teeth. “

Thanks Terc Lima. You’re really bringing us up as a species. I’m sorry for asking if you couldn’t read but you have to understand that my drone that has had about 5 minutes of flying time and was $1500 new and I’ve bought an extra $150 in equipment (landing gear, extra propellors) is being sold for under half of what I paid for and over the last 6 weeks, people have tried to trade me scooters, guns, other drones, low-ball and scam me. You’re just another long line of people who really make my email Inbox dumber. 

I also love this little gem that I remember from working retail. If you don’t cater to someone’s demand for returning something they bought and used for a full 12 months that they don’t want anymore, they respond with, “I was going to buy $5,000 worth of things here today but because you didn’t help me. I’ll take my wad of cash elsewhere”. Terc informing me that he would have paid $700 but because I asked him if he couldn’t read, he’d rather assault me by ‘losing’ all of my teeth. 

Terc Lima, if you Google search your fake name and find this, please meet me to commit assault so I can press-charges. It’s a shame New Hampshire doesn’t have an Internet threats law on the books yet or I’d report you. I live in Enfield, NH. This might even be the same guy who owns T&D Remodeling. Good to know.

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