★ Site News: You can follow me on Instagram if you want

I’ve been on Instagram since before most of you joined and subsequently were banned from BeerAdvocate as @AdamJackson. Heck, I joined Twitter in 2006 and then rejoined in 2007. I’m old-school in this Web 2.0 game!

Anyway, I stopped using Instagram and a lot of other social media back in 2013 to allow for more free-time in my daily life. Despite my best judgement, I’ve decided to register a beer-specific Instagram account mostly because my 950 Instagram followers probably wouldn’t care about a wall of beer photos which oddly enough, the 620 people following my Flickr Photostream haven’t complained too much.

Anyway, you can follow me on Instagram as @AdamJacksonBeer. I’ll probably regret this.

Note, I won’t be using a filter and it’s very likely I won’t follow anyone or reply to comments. This is just a way to share beers I trade for, beer travel and perhaps sneak-previews of reviews posted here. I’m not going to “curate a community” or “drive blog traffic” as a goal. This is just going to be some fun thing I do because people keep asking for it. Note, I also don’t do push-notifications on my iOS devices so email is still the best way to reach me.

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