★ Linkage: “Offline:”

I’ve linked to Paul Miller’s “Offline” project before. Paul is a writer at TheVerge and he’s taking a year away from the Internet and using sneaker net to send in his articles to colleagues. Occasionally, comments will be printed off for him to read. It’s an interesting thing and something I feel is fantastic. 

I would probably take this on as another cleanse perhaps for a month to start maybe next year but a year it seems that my work life would suffer. A lot of what I do is online. I applaud him for this. The entire series is amazing so, if you have an hour or so and an empty Instapaper queue, check it out.

There are 29 updates so far since May of 2012. Each is well-written and will make all Internet-Citizens feel a yearning for a simpler life away from the net.


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