Just a quick idea that I think can gain a lot of traction in our small social media space. I don’t have a lot of money but I could commit to $15 a week to a charitable organization in hopes to inspire others to give a little as well and at the very least, retweet the link. Our little space can make a big impact if we all work together.

In fact, this is a chance for me to explain how I do things and what my inspiration is almost all of my endeavors. I make very little money every year. It’s more than minimum wage (of course) but it’s not enough to buy a car and buy a home or save money. It doesn’t mean that I can ignore the people out there who need help and the organizations that are making a difference. Statistically, a lot of people don’t give their time or money to a charity because it’s not convenient. It’s a fact. “Well I don’t have 10 thousand dollars in the bank so I can’t afford to give to a charity.” Or, “I worked all day and just want to watch television because I’m tired and can’t take 2 hours to help pickup trash or give time at a church.” Well, that’s exactly how I feel but my objective since I was a teenager was to always do something good for the world even if it was a small amount in hopes to inspire others to do the same and as a collective, we can make a huge impact.

This is what I continue to do. If I wait around until I’m a millionaire to be charitable, then I’ll never end up giving back. I received an email last week blaming me for only being charitable for attention. He has a very valid point. In many cases, the rich and powerful make a huge hoopla about being charitable to get on the news and be famous for giving up their wealth to charity. I’m not trying to do that. The reason I’m being so public about this is so you reading this will feel inspired to do something too. You all know how much I work, how many projects I have going on and how much money I make from reading my Twitter and Blog entries. I know a lot of you can find time to help out cause, “If Adam can find time and money to give back then I can too.”

So now that I’m done with that, I wanted to post this up to see what you all think about a different charity every week. I will donate to a charity via their website, screenshot the website and post it here for you all to see with a link to donate. Everyone tweets #charity or something like that with the link and we all post our screenshots too. You can blur out your name and address but just the site with a “thanks for donating” capture and we can put it up in a Flickr Group. I’ll keep a running total of how much money is donated and every month I’ll announce the grand total.

Thoughts? Leave a comment below.