I was reviewing my diary that I authored from 2003-2006. It was a public diary that was on LiveJournal but I closed the account a long time ago and downloaded all of the entries to my computer. I found the diary last night and read through it. It was interesting because there was something that stood out among all of my other teenage years.

At the end of Junior Year of High School (2003), the cafeteria changed the cookies in our school. Everyday I payed 30 cents for a cookie to go with my lunch. It was worth it and chocolate chip cookies have always been my splurge and the perfect amount of sugar to help cure a sweet tooth. Well, the school changed things and the cookies that used to be baked fresh at the school and were as wide as your fist were changed to cookies shipped directly from a factory. The new cookies were half the size, brittle (not soft) and not as sweet and the price was now 50 cents.

A true sign that I’ve always been a natural leader and visionary, I took it upon myself to spend the next 2 months getting over 800 student signatures from a school that only had 1400 students. I fought hard and after all of those signatures, I brought back the full size cookies that were baked there in the school and was able to get the price of cookies back down to 30 cents. I wasn’t a hero but I made senior year of high school a lot more sweet.

Funny how things haven’t changed very much except it’s moved on from cookies to bigger and better things.