mybikeLiving in the city has taught me many things and one of those is that no one cares about you. Every resident in a big city is, for the most part, out for themselves and it’s not that people were raised that way or want to have those traits but that’s just how it is. It’s a mentality and an acquired taste living in a metropolis and I’m the only person who’s not getting it but I’m sure I’ll reach that selfish point pretty soon at this rate.

Tonight, I had dinner with Katrinah. She’s a friend of mine who I met at a Social Media Club drinkup during BlogHer during Summer ’08. Katrinah has been a great friend, supportive and inspiring and has coached me on many projects. I was updating her on things and I committed to help her with Homeless Connect Camp which is a barcamp style meeting to help homeless residents of San Francisco and beyond. I’m going to do everything I can for this cause because I believe more can be done to help families who just need a helping hand to get off the streets and into homes of their own.

In fact, many of you know that I have my hands in many charitable organizations right now and I spend a portion of each day helping people over the web, in person and I’ve lately spent a lot of extra time with young entrepreneurs to explore their dreams and aspirations to make a difference as well. Homeless Connect Camp is a great act and something that I hope inspires more people to get off their asses and make a difference.

While I was eating, someone was stealing something from me. I’ve been complaining about money lately and I know I shouldn’t but it’s been difficult. Living in this city for 9 months and still living beyond paycheck to paycheck has been difficult. I’m looking for a break and realizing that I make far less than all of my peers. That’s okay and I understand I’m new to this town, 22 years old and inexperienced but no matter what financial situation I’ve been in, I’ve always done what I can to help people.

I saved for months to get my bike. When my grandmother saw photos of my bicycle and noticed I didn’t have any lights on it, she sent me a check to get some decent lights. Well those were stolen. I used part of my paycheck in early January to buy some better lights that can only come off with a screwdriver and those were stolen too but the person ripped them off which means that the lights are basically unusable. Tonight, someone used pliers to cut off all four of my brand new lights I bought upon returning to San Francisco this week. I can see the paint chippings on my bike where the lights were cut off.

I’m sure the person stealing my things saw the nice new bike and thought, “this rich yuppie has plenty of money and he can afford a new one.” Well, with $98 dollars to my name for the next 3 weeks, I don’t have money to get more lights and I don’t have money to do anything right now and I honestly don’t know if there’s a market for used and torn bike lights but if there is, I guess he probably has more money in his bank account than I do.

I posted a blog entry a few days ago about transparency and that people preach it but no one really follows through. Well here’s some transparency for you. I barely make rent, I spend 20 hours of my week contributing to charitable causes and helping people, 50% of the weekly work I’m doing doesn’t make any money and the only nice thing I own that isn’t a used and hand me down is my bicycle and now it’s legally unridable after dusk because I don’t have any lights.

Thanks to the coward who proved to me that the city will always bring you down no matter what you do to help it and its inhabitants.

Photo Credit: Dominic Sagolla (Thanks Dom)