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With that said, the following are my NON USB C devices (that I use regularly):…

Interesting review and very Apple-centric. I’m not in a big rush for USB-C but my list is probably pretty extensive given my outdoors sports devices that are very costly to replace if they were offered with USB-C. I imagine the transition will take me 5+ more years to complete

  • Garmin Zumo XT Motorcycle GPS (Micro-USB)
  • Garmin InReach (Mini-USB)
  • Cardo PackTalk Bold (Micro-USB)
  • AirPods Max (Lightning)
  • Apple black keyboard and magic track pad (Lightning)
  • Apple MagSafe battery back (Lightning)
  • Canon dual-battery charge for my R5 camera (Mini-USB)
  • 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan (USB-A)
  • 2021 RAM 1500 (USB-A)
  • Four 20-26,000 MAH battery packs I use when traveling (Micro-USB)
  • Anker Flashlight (Micro-USB)
  • LED Headlamp (Micro-USB)
  • BMW Motorrad Navigator VI (Micro-USB)
  • AirPods Pro Gen 2 (Lightning)
  • iPhone 14 (Lightning)
  • Apple iPod Classic (30-Pin)
  • USB Outlets on 3 motorcycles (2018, 2020 and 2021 model years) (USB-A)
  • ThinkWare dashcam (Micro-USB)
  • Epson scanner and brother printer (USB-A to Printer Port USB)

There are probably a dozen more devices that charge that don’t use USB-C. It’s frustrating but I’m not going to go out and spend $2500 on motorcycles SatNavs or Bluetooth communicators so I have just one charging port. It’s way easier to just bring a couple of extra Micro/Mini-USB cables that plug into the USB-A ports on my Anker battery packs when I’m on a week-long motorcycle trip. When you have thousands of dollars invested in outdoor rechargeable gear, you sort of have to tough it out for a bit which is why I’m not in a huge rush to convert all of my Apple gear to USB-C.

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