On 9/16, I purchased a GoPro Hero 9 Black via GoPro.com. My receipt: http://i.imgur.com/qazfBh3.jpeg

I logged in to GoPro.com after my order shipped and cancelled my GoPro Subscription. The reason is like every other subscription service (let’s use Spotify as an example), when you cancel, you still enjoy the service you pre-paid for for the term but GoPro’s CMS seems technically broken in that when you “cancel” you don’t get the full term you paid for through 9/16/2021, the service was instantly cancelled and the $49.99 Subscription to GoPro cancelled along with it. So I paid for something but now I don’t get to reap the benefits.
I phoned GoPro this afternoon now that my device has arrived. Here’s what I know from my 1 hour phone call with them:

  • We cannot restore your subscription
  • You cannot purchase GoPro Subscription unless you register with a new email address
  • In a few days, your credit card will be charged the full $450 because, as a part of the terms of the sale you cannot cancel the free subscription or you will pay the full price if you cancel at any time during the free year
  • The only way to not be charged $450 is to return this GoPro to us (full refund / return) and place an order for a new Hero 9 Black under the promotion
  • However, I’ll need to order a GoPro under a new email address (I’ve had this email with GoPro since the Hero 4 so I’d like to keep it and not change it) because we cannot attach a subscription to your existing account at this time.
  • I am free to re-subscribe to GoPro Subscription for $49.99 but I’ll still get charged the full amount of the camera in the next few days.
  • I actually wanted to use the GoPro Subscription for the full 12 months and then decide if I felt like renewing but I didn’t want to be caught off guard.

Here are the Terms & Conditions of the Bundle: https://gopro.com/en/us/legal/subscription-camera-bundle and this relevant section:

In the event that you cancel your subscription before the end of the initial year term but keep your camera, and in so doing, fall below the threshold for eligibility for this offer, we will reduce any applicable refund owed to you by the full retail price of the camera and reserve the right to charge your payment method for any remaining balance owed to GoPro.

Seems like I’m screwed. GoPro’s support is telling me to wait until I’m charged the full $450 before I call to setup a return.

So I can’t use the camera (since they won’t take it back with any use marks on it) and I won’t be able to use the new GoPro for 2-3 weeks since I’ll have to return this one, get refunded and purchase a new one.

I’d like to keep the camera, not be charged $150 and restore my subscription to the service with auto-renew turned off.


I’ve posted this to GoPro’s Reddit since there’s no other way to get help – https://www.reddit.com/r/gopro/comments/ivcu93/can_someone_help_gopro_subscription_issues_and/ 

The camera costs $450 but if you pay $49.99 for a year subscription to their service, they’ll sell you the camera for $299 which saves you $100 total. I did what I always do, log in and cancel because that’s how you disable auto-renew. I asked GoPro how long I had to keep the service before they would not bill me the full price for the camera “one year” yeah but it renews for $49.99 in one year “correct” When can I cancel then? “In one year”.

So GoPro gives you $100 off a camera but collects $100 from you in 2 years of subscriptions before you’re able to cancel? That’s why it’s discounted and I regret even saving the money up front. Dealing with this has cost me more than $100 of my time.