Microsoft Tech Community:

To help our customers navigate this new, hybrid working environment, today we’d like to share some new and reimagined capabilities in Teams-enabled meeting rooms that offer touchless experiences, support inclusive collaboration between remote and in-person attendees, and help remind teams to practice social distancing in meeting rooms.

Excellent news. The entire post shows why Microsoft competes with Slack at a completely different level. They’re competitors only in core usage cases but Microsoft’s approach to traditional enterprise will help them make more inroads over what Slack did have until now. Slack and startups will still be synonymous. 

However Microsoft if you’re reading, thank you for making the MS Teams Preview for Ubuntu. It’s nice for my team to not have to keep Teams in a Chrome-Tab but for me a Mac User, teams is using 2 gigabytes of RAM and uses 100% of my GPU VRAM when I’m in a video call causing the fan to speed up and my MacBook Pro’s hours remaining to drop to 2 hours when I just have Teams open. Like Slack, MS Teams is built on a framework that just wraps a website in an executable but whatever rendering engine they’re using is a memory, cpu and overall resource hog. Please make a 1st party Macintosh application for me and stop making other tech for now. This is all cool stuff but we need a great Mac App.