Every year around March 1st, I grow tired of Winter. I’m ready to embrace Spring. Sit out by the lake by the fire, ride into the woods, go camping, have all of the windows open at the house and let in the fresh air (of pollen). Since this yearly winter-mental-breakdown repeats itself, I’ve adopted a solution for it. Well, initially I went to Florida in March. This never alleviated things because I’d return to New Hampshire and it’s still be Winter. Now, I use last year’s photo as a benchmark. 

Here’s April 6th, 2018:

IMG 1848

Here’s Mid-April:

IMG 1859

mid-April last year was muddy, slushy and snowy. April 22nd, I went out on dirt roads with my friend and we spent an hour pushing through an ice-bed that was 250 yards long and I dropped the bike twice. Riding season starts in May officially. So to be anxious about getting on the bike on February 25th is a bit of a farce. I need to calm down, remember Winter lasts until April and just relax.