When I get an email from someone I don’t know, it takes time for me to reply, mark as junk and block them on my server from emailing me again. I get a few of these a day so instead of ignoring these and since they don’t offer a way for me to unsubscribe, I’m going to post their email addresses here so other spam bots can pick up those emails to spam them. It’s only fair. This post will be updated as I find time to do so:

matt@digitallyaheadteam.com – “Re: Can I call you today?”

john@easychocolaterecipes.net – “CBD Oil Now Legal in All 50 States”

edwardhuntersep@gmail.com – “Proposal for : adamchandler.me”

adrian@apps4rent.com – “Advertising Inquiry – adamchandler” – marketing@apps4rent.com 

sam.alexander33@inovativedevelopers.com – “Give a glamorous & new look to your website.”

bradpeterson421@gmail.com – “Your website needs attention-“

jack@charlestondigitalfirm.com – “Re: The new technology you need to improve your “

joy@peakserp.com – “Re: Is this why you’re losing business? :”

amy.jones@connectprospects.com – “RE: Any Interest?”

david@weboptimizes.com – “About Adamchandler.Me”

ying2email@foxmail.com – “Review request for bluetooth speaker “

andre.scott@global-imi.com – “FW: open to chat?”

mary@weboptimizes.com – Can we talk about this issue of your adamchandler.me

briana.marcantoni@cision.com – CISION in 2019

thetipprovider144@gmail.com The truth about your website.